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The Revelation of my Soul

Oliver Schibli ArtDive into my Art Universe
Oliver Schibli Award Winning Artist - Swiss Gold Art

Oliver Schibli


@ Art Loft

Abstract Expressionism

Revelation of my SoulExplore all


Emotion Work

Emotion Work

Emotion Work

Emotion Work

Sun & Moon Disc Series

Ra's daily cycle of rising, setting, and rebirthLearn more
Oliver Schibli Sun Disc Series - Swiss Gold Art
24K Gold Sun Disc

24K Gold Sun Disc

Oliver Schibli Moon Disc Series - Swiss Silver Art

Moon Disc

Alchemy Series

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into Art.”Explore all

Limited Edition Prints & Merchandising

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Unlock the beauty of art with our limited edition prints and merchandise by Oliver Schibli. Our collection features a wide range of mediums, from fine art prints to clothing and accessories, all featuring the unique designs of Oliver Schibli. Whether you're looking to add a limited print to your collection or a special gift for a loved one, our website has something for everyone. Purchase now and own a piece of art history.

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About Me

Oliver Schibli - Award Winning International Artist based in Niederrohrdorf, Switzerland.

Well known around the world for his unique Gold Art and Abstract Expressionism Paintings which are created with Champagne Bottles and his holy hands.

He was awarded as the “Emerging Artist” during the Art Dubai.

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Dive into my Art Universe

Oliver Schibli X Mercedes Benz Collaboration

Maybach Edition 100
Gault Millau Garden Party
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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